VYBES Calming Juice Infused with CBD

So the other day we were at THE BEST VEGAN café (which I’ll write about in another post) I have EVER been too, and the owner asked if we liked CBD. “It’s legal here, you know,” she said. Well, duh, I know. “It really doesn’t have that much in it and you might not even feel anything … but …” she said as she brought three full-sized bottles of VYBES “calming drinks” out to our table, “it does have a calming effect on people.”

And with that magical sentence, the one suggesting that a drink—think Alice in Wonderland—could produce a desirable effect—in this case, calmness—my favorite man began to salivate before he could even open the top and offer me a sip. See he has this thing with me, or maybe it’s more that I have a thing and he just tolerates it … he thinks I’m a little high strung. A little dramatic. Maybe even a little over the top at times, so the promise of something as simple as a drink that would calm my overly-enthusiastic nature made him, well, enthusiastic. 

We made eye contact, he raised his eyebrows at me, and I cocked my head a little to the left immediately understanding where he was going with this. 

And so, I took the damn cup from his hand and drank. And you know what, it was good. Really good.

“When your mind & body is balanced & you have a strong well-being you feel calmer, less stressed and more present. VYBES is made with 25mg Hemp CBD so you actually feel it.” ~ IDrinkVYBES.com

The three flavors we had (pictured here) were peach ginger, burning mandarin and strawberry lavender, and of them, my favorite was the latter. Gastro Gabe agrees.

As for the calming effect, eh, I can’t really attest to that. I mean I felt great both before and after the drink. Truthfully, if my mind and or body was affected at all, I’m not sure … but … I would definitely drink it again. As for the white elephant in this post, the one where someone out there reading this is thinking “he thinks you’re crazy,” I’ll go ahead and stop you right now. That most definitely is not the case. He does not think I’m crazy, at least not when there are other people around … behind closed doors, well, maybe just a little but it’s OK—he likes my crazy (wink, wink). For more info and where to buy, visit I Drink VYBES (dot) com 🙂

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