Mountain Biking is Dumb

So here’s the thing … for those of you that stop by here often enough, you may (or may not) know that I have been a runner my whole life. OK. OK. Maybe not my whole life, but for a long time. I ran in college and have been a 50-miles a week die hard for decades. But, then I got injured … and so, I’ve taken up spinning for my cardio. Which, to be clear, I hate BUT it’s what I have to do. So I do it. Seven days a week, indoor, in a studio, I cycle for 60 minutes.

As for outdoor cycling, specifically mountain biking … eh, I’m not entirely sold on the idea. I mean first of all, who wants to wear a helmet? I mean ugh!! And then there’s the potential for falling off and, God forbid, skinning my knee. Or worse.

Anyhoo … my favorite man asked me the other day about mountain biking. See he’s a big outdoorsy guy. Loves all that shit. Me, I’m more of a city girl … truth be known, he’s been warned several times that should I be home alone and see a spider crawl across the floor, he will get a panicked phone call from me and he will have to leave work, come home, and deal with it. (Of course I told him I’d have sex with him real quick too, but still … come home he will.)

Back to the moutain biking thing … I got an emial from him the other day. It wasn’t really anything other than a direct link to a bike. A bike, I am assuming, he thinks I’d look GREAT on. Ha, ha. I mean, a bike he thinks I should have for when we go out on trails. “Ahhhh. Isn’t that sweet,” I thought. But secretly wonderd how excatly I’d break it to him that … well … I think mountain biking is dumb.

Caveat … yes, yes … I’ll do it. Because he wants to. So I’ll give it a college try and do it, at least once. I mean there have been other “things” he’s wanted to try that I emphatically thought “not a chance in hell,” but then ended up liking (and no, I’m not going into details) … so who knows, maybe I’ll end up liking the whole mountain biking thing. Maybe I’ll become a little bit more “outdoorsey” … maybe. But. For the record, I will never be able to handle spiders. But I mean why would I? Any excuse to get him home during the day is one I’m going to knead over and over (wink, wink).

OK … uh #1 mountain biking is NOT dumb, and #2 babe … you WILL mountain bike. You will like it, whether you like it or not. Love you baby 🙂

On Being a Flexitarian

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