So Delicious Dairy-Free “Cream”

So here’s the deal peeps … deciding to go plant-based, plant-forward, plant-focused … well, it’s not exactly easy. For some people, “giving up” meat is tough. And for some, it’s just the simple act of incorporating more greens into their diet that’s hard. For me, cheese aside, I’ve never been a big dairy eater … so “giving up” dairy isn’t much of a struggle. BUT. As I am a certified coffee snob (really, if there was such a thing, I would be the poster child) I NEED real cream. Alas, I signed up for this so I’ve been on a journey to find a non-dairy creamer that isn’t sweet, doesn’t have added sugar, and doesn’t take like shit.

Let’s be honest … most non-dairy creamers taste like shit!

Alas DRUM ROLL I have found one. So Delicious coconut milk “cream” is organic and plant-based and it’s good. OK. Yea. I admit, it does not taste or feel like traditional half and half. But a little bit or retraining the taste buds was easy because it is that good. It is that delicious.

And so … happiness ensues as I am, once again, able to enjoy my morning coffee and therefore, able to start my day with a smile. Note, my favorite man doesn’t drink coffee. On a rare occasion, he’s been know to drink a chi latte but coffee? Nah. He insists he “doesn’t need it.” (Insert eye roll and loud laughter.) Clearly, he just doesn’t know what he’s missing. Haha.

On Being a Flexitarian

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