What even is kombucha

I mean what even is kombucha? And where the hell did that name come from? Was someone high when they came up with it?

I’m no scientist, but from what I understand, the word “kombucha” is the Japanese term for “kelp tea,” BUT, get this … it’s not anything like the heavily-marketed fermented drink that’s popped up in every grocery store, farmers market and hip eatery across the country. Go figure. The drink that you and I—and it seems everyone else—are familiar with is more of a slightly bubbly, effervescent concoction touted for promoting a healthy gut, among other things.

Kombucha contains probiotics, aka living bacteria … ummmm … GROSS! Am I right?

Believed to be from Eastern European countries and or Manchuria, kombucha is made from SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) … sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Ha. Not even. Yet, I know a lot of people who drink it on the daily. Yes, my favorite man drinks it … he’s even been known to get growlers of it … and he gets excited about it. SO WEIRD! I can’t really tell if people like it as much as they claim they do, or if they’re all full of shit and just better at hiding their ugly-what-did-I-just-drink facial expression than I am. Because I’m not going lie …. the stuff is gross. Like really, really gross. I think I’d rather go get a pelvic exam than have to drink that stuff. 

But, like a pelvic exam, drinking kombucha is supposed to be “good” for me … alas, I’m not a fan but I kinda feel hip when I’m drinking it so why not. Just promise me no snapping pictures of my ugly-what-did-I-just-drink facial expression : ) How about you … do you have a favorite kombucha? For that matter, can someone even have a favorite?

I love your guts … especially your gut biome.

You are so fk’ing weird.

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    1. Gastro Lovely

      OMG I had a filter on my comments and just figured out I wasn’t getting notified. Apologies for not responding … and about the whole kombucha thing, I just can’t do it. I try, but I fail. I’m a total child when it comes to things like this : )

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