The Best Grab & Go Breakfast

Running out the door Friday morning, forgetting to grab food for the day, I unlocked my truck with my fob, grabbed the door handle … “shit! I need to eat something” I said to myself. Yes, I literally said that to myself. So I shut the door, locked the truck, headed back up the walkway fumbling for my house keys thinking what I should grab … a protein bar … ugh no, not in the mood … a banana … eh, and deal with banana breath the rest of the morning? Nah. I have apples, but I’m not the biggest fan of apple skins and didn’t have time to peel one. Entering the kitchen, still not sure what I wanted, then suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw this dark green orb. 

An avocado—just what the doctor ordered.  

I grab the avocado, go to the fridge and grab some fresh salsa from the night before, grab a knife, make my incision around the inner seed, a little twist and pop it in half.  Pour some salsa on each half along with a pinch of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and boom … the perfect to-go breakfast. Damn, so simple and so delicious. No muss no fuss. I got my good fats and was satiated for the morning. I wasn’t even hungry during my lunchtime workout. 

So you may be thinking to yourself, “did I just read about Eric and his fkg avocado?” Well … yes, yes you did. And here’s why …

My hope is that maybe you recognize (if you hadn’t already) that putting something good into your system can be really simple, fast, and it DOES NOT have to be prepackaged, and it CAN BE fairly inexpensive, and really fkg good. This is just an example and not a “you must do this otherwise you suck”, nope, not at all … I get it. Not everyone is int’ breakfast.

My girl is not a big morning eater and in most cases I’m not either, but I have to have my morning “brain” fat otherwise I get a bit foggy. But, I know me and how I function and MCT oil, avocado, nut butter, etc. is a must if I want to function clearly. She takes good care of me so I don’t need to worry about it, but on this particular morning I had to be a bit MacGyver-esque and loved that I hit the grocery store the night before.

A medium avocado has 250 calories and 20 vitamins and minerals. There are a number of studies that show the benefits of avocados as found in the National Center for Biotechnology Information   

I know we all pretty much live fairly busy lives and we all catch ourselves in that last second pinch of “Shit! Do I stop and run inside and grab something for the road or do I just hit the road and deal with it later?” No wrong or right answer … I suppose, we at this point should know us. Thoughts? I grabbed an avocado and dressed it up a little with salsa but have done the same thing with a few seeds, granola even an egg now and then. So, what do you grab in a pinch? Or … what have you grabbed in that pinch and then thought “fk…that wasn’t a good choice.” Don’t worry we’ve all been there. It’s all good. 

On Being a Flexitarian

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