Easier-Than-Pie Cherry Cobbler

Literally the hardest “easiest” thing I have EVER done (at least as far as my memory serves me at this particular moment, is make a cherry cobbler. I mean come on, how tough can it really be?

The whole reason you make a cobbler and not a pie is because it’s supposed to be easy. Right? Wrong. Although admittedly, it only became hard because I made it so …

Cherries are abundant right now in the PNW and just about everywhere across the U.S. framers markets and grocery stores alike are flooded with red cherries, yellow cherries … stems intact … piled high in a bag just begging you to take some home. And so you do, I mean of course you do, but now what? You eat them. Of course. And you decide to make a cobbler, again, because a cobbler is earlier than a pie. Ugh.

I had all good intentions. And had all good intentions of making this super easy because one, I know my favorite guy likes it and two, I wanted the house to smell amazing when he got home, oh, and three, I actually thought it would look like I knew how to bake. Again, ugh.

I literally stood there in the kitchen for twenty minutes, slicing fresh cherries, removing stems, staining my fingers (and the counter which may or may not have a permanent mark now, sorry).

And after twenty minutes, I had like sixteen. Maybe. And that’s a big maybe. So I head back to the store, buy a bag of frozen cherries and am convinced I got this whole baking thing figured out.

Alas, I can’t find the bag of coconut flour I bought a few days ago, so not wanting to use any flour with gluten, I head back to the store, semi pissed at the world cause again, cobbler is supposed to be easier than pie!! I stroll to the baking aisle and this box of Krusteaz Gluten Free Pancake Mix JUMPS out at me and I recall making a cobbler when I was kid with something similar. So I grab it and remembering that I was going to use oats as a topping, I meander the cereal aisle and O Organics Vanilla Almond Granola JUMPS out at me. So I grab it, check out and head home. Again.

And then … I make my easier than cherry pie, cherry cobbler … which may or may not have turned out super pretty and may or may have been easier than pie (haha, pun intended) but hey, it was still damn good and the house smelled amazing too.

Easier Than Pie Cherry Cobbler

PREP TIME: 20 minutes | COOK TIME: 40 minutes, 350 degrees 

  • 3-4 cups cherries, thawed with no sugar added
  • 1 cup Krusteaz Gluten Free Pancake Mix
  • ¼-½ cup coconut milk, unsweetened
  • 1 cup O Organics French Vanilla Almond Granola
  • ½ cup coconut oil, warmed
  • ¼ cup coconut sugar
  • OPTIONAL: add 1/2 tsp vanilla, maple syrup and one whole fresh squeezed lemon : )

Place thawed cherries in the bottom of a baking dish. Combine all other ingredients and “spoon” or drop mixture over cherries. Note, it should be the consistency of cookie dough so add or subtract coconut oil as you see fit but don’t use too much! A little goes a long way. Bake at 335 for 40 minutes. That’s it. You can always add a little extra granola to the top if so desired and or a few of the cherries you sliced and pitted yourself just for good measure. Enjoy!

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