Smoked Apple Sage Vegan Sausage

Sausage. If there was (in my humble opinion) another word for gross, it would be just that: “sausage.” But, having said that, I cannot deny that just the thought of a traditional bratwurst smothered in sauteed onions and peppers does kinda make my mouth water. Just a bit. Add mustard and I might have to reassure myself all the reasons why I don’t eat meat

  • It’s disgusting
  • I don’t like the way it tastes
  • I loathe the texture
  • I loathe the very idea of eating an animal
  • Animal consumption is (for the most part) not healthy for me nor the planet
  • The list goes on …

BUT. Like a fairy godmother who swoops in and saves the day, whilst walking down the grocery aisle the other day I spotted this little gem of a package: Field Roast smoked apple sage,grain “meat” sausage.” Admittedly, I was hesitant. Because for the most part, I’m not a fan of plant-based meat. Bottom line, while there are many reasons I don’t eat meat (see above), one is quite simply the fact that I don’t like the texture. But, knowing full and well that Eric would be utterly giddy if he thought I cooked bratwurst, I decided to give it a try …

… and you know what … it is really, really good.

Truthfully, I only had a few bites of the “sausage” and opted to load my plate with peppers and onions, but he had one (maybe two) butterflied and placed on top of a hunk of rustic bread with the veggies and of course, mustard. And he swooned. So much so that the next day he may have said (like seven times), “Babe, those plant sausages are really, really good.” I think it’s his subtle way of saying, “Like can you make those again … tomorrow … and perhaps the day after that too?” 

Anyway, give it a whirl peeps, I’m telling you, even the true carnivores out there will be pleasantly surprised with the flavor. Note, they do cook VERY fast and burn quickly so be aware. I suggest cooking the peppers and onions first and then adding the brats at the very end.

Vegan Bratwurst 

PREP TIME: 10 minutes | COOK TIME: 20 minutes 

  • 1 package of ,Field Roast grain “meat” sausage, or your favorite plant-based brand
  • 2 large sweet onions
  • 4 large bell peppers
  • 2-3 TBS garlic
  • 2-3 TBS plant-based butter
  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • ¼ cup bourbon 

Slice onions and peppers into ½ inch wide slices keeping them as long as possible. Heat oil and butter on medium high, add onions and peppers and saute 10 minutes, turning frequently. Add garlic, cook for 1 minute. Reduce heat, add bourbon, simmer until the liquid mostly evaporates—about 10 minutes. Push vegetables to the sides of the pan and add butterflied bratwurst. skin side down. Cook for 2 minutes, then turn over and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Serve over a crusty piece of bread, on a hoagie roll, on rice, or just on its own. Enjoy! And don’t forget the mustard : )

SER!OUS BEAN CO. Baked Beans

Normally people save their baked beans for bbqs and burgers and such, but my favorite man opted to serve them right alongside some spicy fish—and cornbread too, of course. Why? I mean really, why the hell not?

Tempeh Chili

Try sauteeing tempeh in a little sesame oil for a delicious alternative to meat!

On Being a Flexitarian

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