Better with Her

Like the title states, I am so much better with my girl than without her. Being a good man, good employee, good father, good partner … these are things every man should strive for (in my book). And during that journey if you are as lucky as I am and you find that one person, your said journey becomes “easier” to accomplish. Not because the weight of difficulties are taken off your shoulders, but rather because the motivation to become better increases and perhaps, therefore, some of the challenges are removed from your path … or at least become less daunting.

Shauna has done this for me …

I JUST want to be a better man, person, partner, friend … and I wake up everyday even on days that I’m not looking forward to and my first thought is her—and I make sure she knows I’m thinking of her by telling her (ALWAYS!!) “good morning.” It’s a simple gesture, but I want her to know she’s on my mind.

As you may already know we try to stay healthy with our lifestyle choices, which is easier for her and at times a struggle for me. But, my girl looks out for me. She talks to me about what I am putting in my body and since we currently live 2,500 miles away (until next week …YAY!!!) we try to jump on our Peloton bikes together super early in the morning and video chat while we workout. Which I love because I get to see her smoking hot bod get all sweaty in front of me … it really is one of my favorite moments with her. And I love that, as she has already informed me, already put our Peloton schedule together for who rides when before work and who will be in the living room doing a core class or yoga class. Damn, I love her.

But, you know what? While I love all the above traits, what I really look forward to when we are together is just being with her. Because she calms me. A simple kiss on her neck as I walk up behind her when shes cooking something incredible …

The moment where we both look at each other and one of us says, “wanna take a nap?” … her head on my chest … heaven.

So there is a lot to say about this woman and how I have and am becoming a better man, but in the end all I think I really need to say is “thank you” to my baby. Obviously I so always want her, but I so need this woman.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And you ground me 🙂 Just make sure you adhere to that workout schedule cause, well, you know why. xoxo

On Being a Flexitarian

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