Right Rice (rice that’s really a vegetable)

The other day I wrote a piece on pasta (ohhh that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Say it again. Out loud, “a piece on pasta.” OK. That was fun …) and I talked about how many empty calories white pasta has. And you know what, rice is pretty much the same deal. I’ve always loved rice, I mean it clings to savory sauces and let’s just go ahead and be honest here, a bowl or teriyaki rice (like a big bowl) is pretty much the ultimate splurge. It’s seriously one of the only things I crave when I’m drinking wine … OK, fine there are a few others, but just thinking of a big bowl of teriyaki rice makes my mouth water. But, sorry peeps, like white pasta there’s nothing nutritionally good for you in white rice.

But … alas, the fairy godmother of rice has arrived and all is right again with the world.

Enter, Right Rice. With multiple varieties, this low glycemic, gluten free “rice” is an excellent source of plant-based protein and can be substituted in any dish calling for rice as an ingredient. My favorite is the Thai Curry, but if I’m gonna ass teriyaki, I’m all about the original. Toss it with a little tempeh fried in a touch of olive oil, some baked tofu or any plant-based protein and some steamed veggies for a complete meal. Solid. Like for reals. Chop sticks (or is it stix??) optional. HA. Who am I kidding, so using a spoon! Anyway, next time you’re in the store, look for it in the same place you would traditional rice and give it a try. Caveat, yes, it is more expensive than the aforementioned traditional white rice, but hey, isn’t your health worth it? The answer is yes, yes it is : )

Tofu Shirataki Pasta

There really isn’t much of anything nutritionally worthwhile in the dried, boxed white pasta most people eat BUT this is good for you and you basically burn more calories eating it than not.

On Being a Flexitarian

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