Celebrate Pride Month with A Rainbow Wrap

Unless you live under a rock—and seeing how you’re reading this right now my guess is you don’t live under a rock because I’m highly doubtful the space under a rock has very good internet reception—then you have to know June is National Pride Month. Sadly, with the pandemic most all celebrations throughout the U.S. were cancelled last year but, hopefully this year if you’re able to come together with family and friends to celebrate diversity and remember that it’s OK to live the life you want and why (now more than ever) it’s so important to support each other.

Never apologize for loving who you love. And never be afraid to show it.

And the perfect thing to make for your Pride celebration are these groovy little rainbow wraps. Yes, the prep is a little time consuming but it’s well worth it and you can always cut your veggies the day before your shindig. If you live near a Trader Joe’s or Wild Oats or just about any grocery with a good supply of organic, vegan options then more likely than not you can find the clear rice wraps, but if not, try using butter lettuce or even a multigrain tortilla wrap. Just be sure to include something from the old ROYGBIV model and you’ll be golden. Here’s a few ideas:

Clearly, there are all sorts of veggies and fruits that I didn’t list here but these are just a few to give you ideas so you can get started. I suggest slicing the veggies lengthwise, but hey, you do you. Oh, and one other super cool idea … how about making a layered salad using the colors of the rainbow. You can even put your favorite grain on the bottom. I know, it’s a brilliant idea. I know ; )

  • RED: tomato, radish, red pepper, raspberry, strawberry
  • ORANGE: carrot, orange pepper, papaya , sweet potato, yam
  • YELLOW: corn, yellow pepper, wax beans, mango, banana, turmeric rice
  • GREEN: spinach, lettuce, fresh herbs, avocado, green lentils, green pepper, cucumber, kiwi
  • BLUE: blueberry, potato (yes there are blue potatoes),
  • INDIGO: raisin, eggplant, blackberry, plum, beet
  • VIOLET: kidney beans, grape

On Being a Flexitarian

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