Why I am Wild About Sprouts

I have a thing for alfalfa sprouts. A delicious, mouth watering, drool-worthy, obsession … I know. I’m a little “off” but hear me out before you go telling everyone how weird I am.

I can’t say as I really remember the first time I had the squiggly little things, but I do know I was young. For as much as I can remember, it seems they were always showing up on salads. The kind of salads your parents force you to eat when they’re on one of their “let’s all eat healthy” kicks. I imagine I ate them alongside all the other foriegn stuff that topped those aforementioned salads, and I imagine I didn’t really like them all that much … but then … in high school I discovered bagels and when I then “discovered” I could use a bagel to make a sandwich. Oh, girl, everything changed. Because once you have sprouts on a bagel, there’s no going back to lettuce. I mean ewwww.

Alfalfa is an Arabic term for “father of all foods.”

So nowadays, I can honestly say that other than a well-timed, and well-poured tequila elixir, there’s not much I crave more than my daily everything bagel with avocado mash, chopped red pepper, sliced cucumber and loads of alfalfa sprouts. Salivating. Yes.

Sprouts are LOADED with vitamins, minerals and are a raw, living plant.

But, what I have noticed is that not all stores have alfalfa sprouts. Which is a major pain in the ass because I am that girl who will go to a second store—even after I’ve already done my grocery shopping—just to get alfalfa sprouts. Again, I know. I’m a little off. Regardless, my favorite type of sprouts are clover and alfalfa although I have had others (and there are a bunch of varieties: mung bean, broccoli, radish, etc.) these are the ones I routinely reach for. As for a brand, honestly, I think depending on where you live, you’re likely to have different brands readily available. I stock up on Wild About Sprouts crispy clover and alfalfa … it’s a regional organization that’s been doing it THE RIGHT WAY for more than two decades. All their sprouts are free from herbicides and pesticides and are untouched until the consumer takes them from their little case. Pretty cool, huh.

NOTE: while it’s true that sprouts are incredibly healthy, they are known for carrying bacteria that causes food-borne illnesses and people with compromised immune systems should not eat them.

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