Wine Tasting in the PNW

Attractive couple wine tasting

A few years ago, Vogue did a piece on Walla Walla, Washington and touted it as “the next wine region to visit.” Me, I’d never been but I like wine so last summer, Eric suggested we go for the day … you know, do a little wine tasting and such. And you know what … article author Christina Perez is spot on. This place is super darling and while I haven’t been there enough to thoroughly explore all the quaint but hip town has to offer, I can recommend a few hot spots that literally blew my mind. Why? Because to be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I mean it’s a small town situated just over the southeast border of Oregon and Washington. How exciting could it possibly be … read on, and then go. I wouldn’t stay a week, but a weekend, yea, it’s worth it.

COFFEE I am a bit of fanatic when it comes to my coffee so when Eric suggested a place that “makes amazing coffee” I was all like, “ummm this will be fun (only not).” But once again, he proved he knows me all too well (that or he knows if he screws up my coffee, game over) because Colville Street really does make a divine cup of joe. And they have oat milk. And they use real chocolate, not some imitation crap. So yes, 1 point Eric.

SPA While the whole day spa thing has yet to really take off here, there are some nice places both off and on the main strip where you can get a relaxing massage, botox, highlights, or get unwanted hairs ripped from your body if you so desire. I only went to the one so I can’t really comment on the entire scene, but if you need a little pampering I totally recommend Misbehavin Spa and Salon. Staff is great and they even have a cute gift shop with all kinds of things you just have to have ; ) 

SHOPPING The main strip is a mecca for cute boutiques. There are all kinds of locally-owned shops including clothing stores but there’s also an uber cool toy store and a bunch of unique options offering home decor and more. One of my favorites is Studio Opal. Last time I was there, I saw something in the window from across the street that I just HAD TO HAVE but I also had to leave—wine was calling. Literally. So the next day I got online, found the item I saw, ordered it and it was delivered with a personalized “thank you for your business” note. I mean how often does that happen. Tiffany and Co, yea. Tory Burch, duh. But this gesture caught me off guard. I will definitely return.

PLANT-BASED FOOD That’s right. Graze is a small (and by small I mean tiny, like no room to social distance) eatery right off the main drag that has wicked good vegan options and other things for those non-believers we still hang out with 😉 Note, this is not the place to go for dinner (and I’m not even sure if they’re open for dinner) but lunch? Hell to the yes. I’ll be back!

DINING The cool thing about strolling downtown is that every block has a mixture of shopping and dining options. Yes, there is a pub-like spot on one corner, and yes, there is a Starbucks too, but most places are intimate spots with outdoor seating and indoor tables as well. And no, I haven’t eaten at most of these places, but what I can tell you is that charcuterie is THE most popular thing on the menu in Walla Walla. Which makes sense, I mean who doesn’t want a little cheese and crackers and other bite-size goodness when wine tasting?

WINE I don’t even know what to say … because the wine tasting options are massive. And what makes it so accessible is just that, it’s accessible. No driving from vineyard to vineyard, all you do is walk. And so no, it’s not like visiting Napa or Sonoma, but the region has some very talented winemakers with offerings for every palate. In fact, we were so impressed with how knowledgeable the staff are at every place we went, I wouldn’t be surprised if you learn as much about wine here as you can anywhere in the world. Our favorite: Charles Smith Winery.

And that’s all I got. Just a small, but hopefully insightful, look at Walla Walla, Washington and all of its offerings.

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