Vegan Mac & Cheese

NOTE: In honor of National Macaroni & Cheese Day, this is a repost from November 2021. Enjoy!

After (literally) a million years of trying different gluten-free pastas, I’ve finally found THE ONE that’s not only perfect for macaroni and cheese, but it’s also (from the product label): Authentic, artisan crafted, traditional pasta from Tuscany … made in a dedicated facility free of gluten, milk, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts, jovial pasta is made with only one wholesome ingredient: 100% organic whole grain rice grown exclusively in Italy. 

But, before I get to the recipe, a few quick notes. A few years ago, when I was first exploring a plant-based diet, I wrote an article with cookbook author and plant-based chef, Natural Harry. After reading it, Eric decided to make her version of mac and cheese and followed the recipe to a tee. I was on the other side of the country and never got to taste it, but it looked amazing and he swears it was better the second day. Anyhoo, this recipe is a mishmash of what I’ve experimented with as well as inspiration for both her concoction and others.

One more thing, while I admit most vegan cheeses don’t melt the same way dairy cheese does, I do think Daiya’s shreds work perfectly in this dish. I’m not a big fan of them in creamy soups, but for pasta it gets a big thumbs up : )

Mac & Cheese (vegan, gluten free, dairy free)

PREP TIME: 20 minutes | COOK TIME: 45 minutes

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Cook pasta, drain and pour into a large Dutch oven. Cut butternut squash into cubes, cook in water for about 15 minutes, drain and place in a blender until smooth. To make the sauce, melt butter then stir in nutritional yeast with a whisk, add 1 cup cream, then the cheese and continue stirring until melted. Add squash and mix well. Pour over macaroni and top with remaining cheese. OPTIONAL, add gluten free bread crumbs. Bake covered for 30 minutes, uncovered for 10-15 or until the top is as brown as you like it. Enjoy!

Tofu Shirataki Pasta

There really isn’t much of anything nutritionally worthwhile in the dried, boxed white pasta most people eat BUT this is good for you and you basically burn more calories eating it than not.

Vegan Macaroni Salad

Is there anything more American than macaroni salad? Oh sure, macaroni and cheese is up there as are burgers, potato salad and of course, apple pie. But what about macaroni salad? Does it deserve a seat at the All-American Summer Dinner Table?

On Being a Flexitarian

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