Orca Bay Gluten-Free Battered Fish Fillets

Gluten. To eat it, or not. It’s been a huge topic in the health and wellness world for the past few years. And with the rise of gluten-free products on the market these days, consumers have become more aware … I mean hey, I even saw gluten-free lettuce the other day. How ingenious is that? LOL. (Marketing companies, I swear!)

The Case Against Gluten

Consuming over-processed, ultra-refined foods isn’t good for your digestive system. And if you subscribe to the whole notion of humans starting out in this world as hunters and gatherers, well, we weren’t hunting and gathering wheat (or other grains) to create white flour and a bunch of no-nutrient breads and such. So, our bodies naturally just aren’t meant for the kind of gluten-riddled products that line the grocery store shelves.

The Case for Gluten

However, there’s gluten, and then there’s gluten. I was in Italy last year and while I was there, I ate my fair share of pasta, bread and pizza … and not once did I feel bloated or “stuffed” like American products tend to make me feel. Why? Because the regions I visited didn’t use over-processed flour. Do I maybe have a sensitivity to gluten? No, I’m pretty sure I don’t … not any more than anyone else.

And so, again I ask … gluten? To eat it, or not.

Truth be known, I don’t search the store for gluten-free products, and I don’t intentionally avoid gluten, but I also don’t over-consume it. So, when I do find a product that’s amazing, well, I opt for it instead of the one with gluten. Note, there are some pretty crappy gluten-free products out there, but hey, there’s some damn good ones too … which brings me to the point of today’s post—given that it is National Gluten-Free Day.

Orca Bay’s Gluten-Free Battered Fish Fillets

I cannot say enough this product. Absolutely stunned by how insanely delicious. The flavor is, well not fishy but you know it’s fish—not some strange processed “pretend” seafood. The fish itself if Pollak which is a mild, flaky white fish. And there’s plenty of fish in the fillet, it’s not just batter. Best of all, the texture is exactly how it’s supposed to be, and it feels and sounds like fried fish … if that makes sense. Plus, it’s Alaska seafood—which for those that don’t know means it’s wild-caught.

As for the company itself, Orca Bay is Alaska-Native owned and part of their proceeds go directly to support Alaska Native communities. So, yea … it’s a product you can feel good eating and a company you can feel good supporting!

For our first time with this product, we made fish tacos. We used white corn tortillas and filled them with shredded cabbage, salsa, jalapenos, and avocado. Next up, I plan to make fish and “chips” with sweet potato fries. Side note, I did use the air fryer, which I highly recommend as the texture was absolutely perfect : )

The Best Fish Tacos

What better way to celebrate National Seafood Month AND National Taco Day–takes a little planning, but the marinade is soooo worth it!

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One Comment

  1. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen

    I think I’ve come to the understanding that the over-processed white flours are the culprit in The Gluten War; the wheat has been bread to create elastic dough by removing all the good stuff! A stone-ground, whole-grain flour seems to cause me no trouble at all, and I know it is much better for us from a health perspective. Similarly, pastas made with durum wheat semolina flour are also not stripped of their whole-grain goodness.
    The fish tacos look delicious Shauna! One of my favorite dishes, and I love that there is a frozen option that is good. The frozen Alaskan seafood is often lovely, I’m thinking king crab here!


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