Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes. While there’s nothing sweet about the taste, sweetpotatoes or sweet potatoes (the verdict’s still out on this spelling) are one of the most nutrionally-dense foods around … and they’re increadable versitle. Add them to anything that does, or even does not, call for a regular potato and you’ll literally be doubling your nutrient intake.

Did you know sweet potatoes actually have grades based on length, cleanliness, shape and even more?!!

U.S. Extra No. 1 consists of sweetpotatoes of similar varietal characteristics which are firm, smooth, fairly clean, fairly well shaped, which are free from freezing injury, internal breakdown, Black Rot, other decay or wet breakdown, and free from damage caused by secondary rootlets, sprouts, cuts, bruises, scars, growth cracks, scurf, Pox (Soil Rot), or other diseases, wireworms, weevils, or other insects, or other means. (See §51.1605.) Length shall be not less than 3 inches or more than 9 inches, maximum weight shall be not more than 18 ounces, maximum diameter shall be not more than 3-1/4 inches. SOURCE: USDA

One of my favorite ways to eat sweet potatoes is simply roasted or cubed and fried in a touch of olive oil, then added to a salad. Yes. It’s that simple. Sprinkle on a few pumpkin seeds, a little salt and pepper and you are set. Literally no recipe needed. So, tonight why don’t you give it a try … because February 22 is National Eat a Sweet Potatoe Day : )


A delightful curry-based soup that will knock your tastebuds into orbit!


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