It started in high school—she was a freshman, he was a senior …

She had a mad crush on him, but he barely knew her name and spoke all of five words to her that year … yea, it’s one of those stories. One of those stories that started, and stopped  paused for 30 years …

After graduation, he played a little college football before joining the military and traveling the world as an air medic. During this time he developed a voracious curiosity for the places he visited and the ethnic foods they prepared. Eventually, he married, divorced, had a couple kids and drifted in and out of a number of relationships. Never fulfilled, but never fully understanding what was missing. (Read more of his story here.)

Also a college athlete, she enjoyed some success on the track, but behind the scenes suffered from a debilitating eating disorder and spent a number of years discontented, just going through the motions … she married, had a few kids, moved cross country and fell into mediocrity—content with normalcy but vacant. (Read more of her story here.)

And then … welcome the age of social media … they reconnected somewhat innocently and after a number of innocuous interactions, she slipped. She confided in him and told him she’d had a crush on him in high school, to which he says he was “stoked,” because truth be known, he’d thought about her off and on over the years. 

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” ~ Winston Churchill

The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Nowadays, their unequivocal passion for one another has led them to explore a lifestyle built around healthy living and simple cooking, which includes a mostly plant-based diet—mostly because she just can’t give up seafood completely, and he, well, he has a thing for fried chicken. And together, although they don’t always agree on the best way to do things, they live a pretty damn cool life. This is their story, in and out of the kitchen.

On Being a Flexitarian