As my favorite woman in the world says, that she will be the pretty and I "will be the funny." We shall see :) A "hard carnivore" for nearly my whole 50+ years I've changed for the better by focusing more on a plant-based lifestyle and being blessed with my Gastro Lovely. By profession I have been in health care administration for over 20 years and was a medic and Airevac Medic in the USAF. My true interest was with the part of my life I never spent a lot of attention with...nutrition. I decided to become a holistic nutritional health coach by training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. Gastro Lovely and my new journey is ours, but who doesn't like a little party? So we are inviting you to partake (for the most part) with our experiences traveling, experiencing, cooking, eating and loving...again for the most part :). I can't wait for this next step on this second half of my life. Cape and mask off! Here I come. Like what you see? Feel free to reach out, as we are always looking for like minded individuals and companies to connect with. You ready for Lovely and I? Lets go eat...and play.

"My darling, I hope you know that you mean the world to me and there isn't a thing or interest in my life that I don't want to try for the first time without you ... be it a new food or a new experience, just so long as it's with you." ~ Eric to Shauna