"I'm actually no longer a strict vegan. I don't hang out in the cheese section - I don't even eat cheese. I don't drink milk. But every once in a while I'll have an egg. I'm going to eat eggs that come out of my next-door neighbor's farm, that's just the way it is." ~ Jason Mraz

"Food, far more than sex, is the great leveler. Just as every king, prophet, warrior, and saint has a mother, so every Napoleon, every Einstein, every Jesus has to eat." — Betty Fussell

“In case you didn’t know, baby I’m crazy 'bout you—and I would be lying if I said I could live this life without you … you had my heart a long, long time ago—you BELONG to me, and I belong to you …” Brett Young

"Whether it’s the food we cook, how we live, or the way we love … our story is one that’s “mostly” plant-based in the kitchen and “mostly” delicious out. So pull up a chair at our table for a bit, learn how we do it and how you can too—just don’t plan to stay for dessert (wink, wink)."

"A plant-focused diet is just that: a diet mostly based on foods derived from plants with the occasional accent---maybe seafood, maybe dairy, maybe fried chicken, maybe not at all---that my loves is your call ;)" xoxo Shauna

"My darling, I hope you know that you mean the world to me and there isn't a thing or interest in my life that I don't want to try for the first time without you ... be it a new food or a new experience, just so long as it's with you." ~ Eric to Shauna